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Wait a Minute!

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We have discussed the verbal and visual clues that you may be getting from your child about his/her personality. We also took a look at the strengths of the four personalities. At this point, I often times hear parents say:

  • I know exactly what my child is! That is great! You probably know your child well. Let’s look a little closer and see if we can figure out not only the primary personality, but also the secondary. Isn’t it fun to start getting a picture of your child’s personality? You might be right on track, and you might modify your opinion with more information.
  • I think I know, but I am not exactly sure. They don’t have every trait listed. Most people won’t have every trait listed. What we are looking for is the personality that seems to have the most. So don’t get frustrated. We have only looked at the strengths, but we are still going to look at the struggles and emotional needs. Those will shed light on your child as well.
  • I have no idea what my child is! That’s ok! Your child may have a personality blend that is harder to identify or you may just need more information. That’s okay…let’s keep moving toward learning about the struggles and the emotional needs of your child.

Think for a minute about some of the difficult days that you may have with your child. Despite your unwavering love for them, you probably feel some undeniable frustration with some traits that continue to rear their ornery little forms! Our next blog post will take a look at the personality struggles of each personality. This can take some courage and a decision to see your child with a new perspective. Ready or not…tune in tomorrow!







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