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A Light-Hearted Look at Parent Personality–You Just Might Be a Choleric Parent If…

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You know your child’s personality. And now you are getting a little curious about what you might be! This is a fun, light-hearted look at the choleric personality. Now give this a chance. If you are indeed a Powerful Choleric, you think things like this are dumb. But that will be the first thing that indicates what you might be. Read on and see if any of these things remind you of yourself. You don’t have to tell us how many, either.

You might be a Powerful Choleric parent if:

  • You think your way is always the right way.
  • You think everyone should work hard and limit play.
  • You dress to accomplish things…shoes, socks, whatever the situation needs to be successful.
  • You see no reason to sit and play games, since it is simply a waste of time.
  • You are the queen/king of multi-tasking.
  • You move fast and with purpose, and sometimes spill, only because you are on the go!
  • You would prefer that people bullet point things they write, as it is much quicker and faster to read.
  • You tell people what to do easily and find that others around you need to be told what to do.
  • You can do circles around the people around you, accomplishing more than they could ever dream of.
  • You are involved in numerous things and wish others would be able to handle a load like you.
  • The military way makes good sense to you.
  • You’d rather do a job by yourself than have other people making your job harder.
  • You don’t feel it is necessary to use “please” when you order. It is acceptable just to tell them what you will have.
  • You find that you are often surrounded by people that don’t act very smart.
  • You don’t like other people telling you what to do, especially if you know more than they do!

You survived the list, and if you are Choleric, you probably thought it could have been a little shorter and too the point. If that wasn’t your personality, feel free to read the past two days posts or stay tuned for tomorrows post! One of the four posts is surely going to sound familiar!


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