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Birthday Party Fun… A Great Glimpse of Children’s Personalities

Grayson's 4thToday we had our four year olds birthday party. So I couldn’t help but take a little pause in finishing up the self-talk series and spend just a few minutes reflecting on birthday fun!

One can imagine over the years, with seven kids and our oldest being 19, that we have seen our fair share of birthday parties! And you might also imagine that no two have been alike! I must admit that planning fun themed birthday parties are one of my favorite things! Yes, it appeals to my Playful Sanguine side!! But I always find watching my kids at their parties can be even more interesting than you might imagine. Why? Because these settings provide some of the most unique moments to see kids’ personalities in their raw form.

Birthday party games bring out those who love to try new and exciting things as well as those who would rather watch, since they aren’t sure they will be the best. These games bring out those who follow the rules to the T, and those who like to make the rules or at least really bend them! They reveal those who encourage others and those who boast of their own success. And it is interesting to watch, because it all happens so naturally and quickly. No one is really thinking about it!

Then you get to opening the gifts. There are those who are very careful and methodical, and there are those who rip it open and barely stop to see what the gift might be. You get those kids who are territorial of their gifts and toys and those who are oblivious to those who are opening gifts for them.

But I have to admit one of my favorite moments of any birthday party is the moment you are singing Happy Birthday to them. All eyes are on them, and in that moment they will want to shine, rule, hide, or hang on! Today we had one such moment that actually encapsulated two of our kids’ personalities. As we were singing to our little Grayson, he had a plastered cute grin on his face. And the whole time people were singing, he was looking intently into my eyes to remain ok with this moment. His smile never changed and his eyes never shifted. In fact, they were so steadily focused on me that he missed that his 5 year old brother standing next to him leaned over and slyly blew the candles out before he could. He wasn’t real happy about it, but the idea that we just relight them and blow them again suited him just fine! Surprised that our 5 year old blew them out…nope! Surprised that our 4 year old didn’t notice and then adjusted…nope!

What a unique and fun way to see your kids as unique individuals. I count my blessing many times over for the special way God created each of them.

What observations have you made at your child’s birthday party? I bet you will keep your eyes open at the next party so you can see the personalities play out right before your eyes.

*Tomorrow I will finish the last of the series on self-talk with the Proper Melancholic’s perspective.




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