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30 Days to New Ways!

kids and colors

Over the course of the last 30 days, I have been part of a 30 day blogging challenge. We were committed to blog every day for 30 days. Now some of you may blog often and think it’s quite fun, but honestly, I hadn’t experienced the same! In fact, I had two blogs that had been started over a year ago, and maybe 5 blog posts between the two of them. I was absolutely overwhelmed and under inspired! The task of starting a blog felt so huge. I didn’t even know where to start. I felt that a certain basis had to be established before I could freely blog the daily topics that emerged. So, as is typical for my personality, I thought about it a lot, and then would usually opt to take a nap instead!

Then I heard about the 30 day blogging challenge. I’m not even sure how I heard about it, but I believe it was on Facebook. It intrigued me! Maybe, I was just delirious at the end of a long day?! I like doing things with others, so it appealed to me to not be taking on this task alone. And I like to do competitive things…I guess the word “challenge” engaged that sense in me!

As a busy and sometimes weary mother of seven, (who can hardly find time to visit the bathroom alone!) I couldn’t exactly tell you when I was going to find time to blog. And probably in the moment I signed up, I was admittedly, a little caught up in the fun aspect of what was going on. I’ve been known to fall for things that others are hurriedly getting roped into. So as I worked on my first blog, the night it opened, at nearly midnight…it hit! What have I done!?!?! What was I thinking?!?!? Well, I am proud to say that this is day 30! I wrote many more posts just before the midnight deadline, crafted a few in the early morning hours when I discovered I was much fresher and able to concentrate, and maybe even a few in the quiet moments I could find in the bathroom where I could be alone! I learned a lot. I learned that I CAN make time for things that matter. I CAN find things in my every day that can be shaped and used to help others. I CAN get things done and accomplished. I CAN become motivated and excited when things get done. And most importantly, I learned that my desires and interests don’t have to die! I CAN find time to do the things that make me feel alive, refreshed, and able to influence other’s lives. That’s a lot to learn in 30 days! So to Bradley Will, thank you for heading up this challenge and helping me realize I really CAN!!

Now, my challenge, after the challenge…figure out how to continue finding time to write, blog, parent, and experience life! And if they say that it takes 21 days to form a habit…I’m 30 days in to finding time for what feels meaningful in growing and helping others.

Sometimes, we sink so much of ourselves into the daily parenting tasks that we feel we may be losing ourselves! And let me tell you, a tired, spent, emotionally dead parent doesn’t parent well! Take some time today to evaluate where you might be. Sinking your heart into parenting is part of the job. Giving your all is admirable. Those things don’t have to change! But don’t forget the value in finding things that help you stretch, grow, and experience a healthy fulfillment. It fills within you, this well of energy and joy that allows you to give a better you to parenting!

How can you use your next 30 days to better yourself as a parent?

  • Finding something you can invest in each day for 30 days, that creates joy in you?
  • Finding one thing each day that you can be thankful for?
  • Trying a new approach for 30 days?
  • Taking 30 days to get a better and deeper understanding of your child’s personality?
  • Learning about yourself and your personality in the next 30 days?

Here’s to using your next 30 days for new ways!!


Why Do Today What I Can Put Off Until Tomorrow?

children talking

This tends to be a common self-talk theme for many Peaceful Phlegmatics! While both parent and child Phlegmatics may struggle with this, we will focus more on the parent aspect today.

I am faced with this challenging thinking every day. I admit it. It is true. I also experience some other thoughts along those lines, like:

“I am not sure I have the energy for that.”

“I am not sure I am capable to do that.”

“Somebody else could do it better.”

“I think I’d better take a nap.”

“I’m just too overwhelmed.”

“I’m not the right person for the job.”

“I better not commit to that. I am not sure I can see it through.”


While we may laugh those off, and in our laid back approach just honestly admit that’s how we think, those inner messages can really affect us in life and how we parent.

I am feeling this struggle as I participate in a 30 blogging challenge. Each day I have to talk myself through the excuses. And truly, I exhaust myself. Sometimes I just want that “get ‘er done” attitude! I expressed my frustration with myself yesterday in the face book group and received some wonderful encouragement from other writers. One kind man even broke down how many posts per minute left in the challenge and made it all sound more manageable. It was like hearing a little cheering squad going behind me. He even offered to follow up and read my blog the following day. There’s some healthy accountability with that encouragement! And that is what motivates a phlegmatic. They want to feel like others can respect their struggle and give them a little oomph with their energy to carry on!

How does this self-talk play out in parenting as a Phlegmatic? They may experience the following:

  • Dismiss things that need corrected because it is easier.
  • Struggle to have follow-through on consequences given.
  • Extend grace or patience when things need to be confronted.
  • Sit on the sidelines and wait for someone else to intervene or take over.
  • Become immobilized when things feel too overwhelming.
  • Doubt their ability to parent well.
  • Withdraw when they face resistance.
  • Offer excuses for behavior to avoid dealing with it.
  • Assume role as friend instead of disciplinarian to be liked by kids.


How does one reverse this kind of talk that rolls through your head and makes you less than effective?

  • Ask for another perspective. Much like I did when I asked the group to give some ideas for what they were doing to push through the challenge and avoid excuses.
  • Push yourself beyond what you are used to. Don’t stop where it’s comfortable or easy. Push beyond. Each time your push point gets moved further!
  • Commit to growing in the area you choose. Sometimes we feel the struggle, other times, we just know our tendencies. Regardless, you know where your weaknesses are. And while a little push can help you out of those crunch times, it may not be enough to really change a habit. Commit to really growing beyond what you do naturally.
  • Look for ways that you can be held accountable. Ask a friend, spouse, or someone else to ask you about your progress. Just like my kind writing friend offering to check in on my blog spurred me to push forward, you can find ways to be held accountable too.

This post may reflect the inner workings of the Phlegmatic and some of their faulty thinking, but every personality has faulty thinking. What is yours? What might keep you from doing what needs done? What might keep you from effective parenting?

  • Do you get easily distracted? Is the task not fun? Do you forget what you’re doing? Do you struggle to finish things you start?
  • Do you get over committed and spread thin? Do you run out of day before tasks? Do you find that you’d rather do it yourself instead of working together? Are you just not in the control of the task you are assigned?
  • Do you get stuck on perfectionism? Do you hesitate to start? Do you feel a fear or dread that keeps you from being productive? Are you too stuck on the details to get moving?

These are some of the other personality struggles. Maybe you can identify one of the above that speaks more to who you are. Challenge yourself today to ask the tough questions and see what you can learn about yourself. Then…push beyond where you are comfortable. Grow!

And as a side note, to the kind writer friend that gave me such a good pep talk…Thank you!! Thank you for giving me that added reason to write. Your encouraging words and accountability were just what I needed to get over the hump!

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