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About Jami

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And now, about Jami…You will find Jami Kirkbride nestled on the quiet prairie of a Wyoming ranch where she is inspired to write and speak from her daily experiences. Her loving family (including husband Jeff and seven children, Taylor, Carter, Jackson, Savannah, Jayden,  Grayson, and Bennett) provides her with many opportunities to enjoy the unique personalities and how they color life.

When Jami is not knee-deep in parenting issues, she finds time to help others improve their relationships, gain new perspectives, and make the most of life’s opportunities. The Parenting with Personality Seminars she conducts help parents feel refreshed, equipped, and eager to parent in positive and purposeful ways. Her colorful examples, practical tools, and relatable style enable others to appreciate personality differences and improve relationships.

Jami is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Speaker, Author and Certified Personality Trainer. She received a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Counseling from the University of Northern Colorado. Jami is a contributing author to numerous books, including Pearl Girls, The Mommy Diaries, Laundry Tales, Cup of Comfort Devotional for Mothers and Daughters, Daily Devotions for Writers, and When God Steps In. She has been published with MOPS International, Discipleship Journal, Focus on Your Child, and

Jami’s greatest joy is watching her children and interacting with each of them in a way that fulfills their individual needs. She is motivated to help others learn to relate in new ways that can bring them joy and fulfillment as well. If you would like further information about Jami or are interested in her trainings or parenting seminars, please visit her website at


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