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There’s No Excuse for Child Abuse…National Child Abuse Prevention Month


April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month. It can be easy to sit back and state that children deserve a safe and loving atmosphere, to say all children should be cared for and protected, or that children should never be hurt. But when it comes down to it, what are we really doing to make sure those things are true. I have been one of those who feel sad at the sight of posters that depict a sad or scared child. But what am I really doing to help prevent child abuse? Compassion alone is not enough.

As a mother of six, I recall feeling near the end of my rope a few times. I remember a bout of post partum depression that I thought would be the end of me. I had family, friends, resources, and a faith that helped me hang on. But I remember clearly understanding how easily child abuse could happen. Still, there is absolutely no excuse for child abuse! What does that young parent resort to or attempt when they have had no positive role model for parenting through the tough times? What does that exhausted parent do when they feel they are simply pushed to the end of their rope?

Sitting and thinking about National Child Abuse Prevention Month this morning, I began to ask myself some questions…What am I actively doing to help? What do I have to contribute? How can I realistically and purposefully make a difference?

I thought about my personal mission statement, “to educate, encourage, and equip parents to live, love, and parent to the fullest.” I thought about how I have used this passion to create The You Zoo book. This is a powerful, yet easy to use parenting resource that can help a parent/adult/guardian:

*  Discover a child’s natural strengths and struggles,

*  Recognize the emotional needs a child expresses,

*  Meet a child’s individual needs, and

*  Understand individual personalities and how to interact more effectively.

These are the very things that can help bridge a gap between parent and child, help create connections, and foster a fresh love and understanding. These are the very things that contribute to the well being of a child. Preventing child abuse takes more than just a feeling of compassion when moved by the images of the posters plastered around town or the emotional message we hear on a PSA. What can I do today to make a difference? Today, I am going to make some calls. I am going to write some letters. I am going to make some connections. I am going to actively pursue options for getting this powerful resource into the hands that need it most.

Maybe you are a parent who feels you are at the end of your rope? Will you take the time to seek out a resource that can make a profound difference in your life? Maybe you know of a parent lacking resources or tools for their parenting adventure? Will you take time to seek out a powerful resource to make a difference in the life of a parent, and as a result, a child? To find out more about this resource, please visit While reading more about this book, you may think of a particular parent (or many, including you!) that could benefit from a practical and powerful parenting tool. How can you make a difference today? How can we move beyond compassion and into action? Will you join me today in putting this resource into the hands that could benefit the most? Together we can!

Visit today! Let’s make a difference for our children!



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