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Universal Children’s Day

Hooray, hooray!! Today is the day…the day we honor children!!

November 20, is recognized as Universal Children’s Day! This is one day out of the year that several countries have chosen to honor children. Some countries do it on other days, but this is the original date chosen. So just how do we honor our children. The following are just a few ideas:

  • We treat them like they are special for the unique way they were created.
  • We value their differences and don’t expect them to be just like us.
  • We recognize their individual emotional needs and aim to meet those needs in specific ways.
  • We acknowledge their strengths and encourage them to continue in those areas that come naturally to them.
  • We understand the things that might trip them up and help them grow in the areas that might be a struggle.
  • We adjust our approach to work well with who they are and what they need.
  • We help them love and accept themselves.
  • We communicate in meaningful and effective ways.
  • We forge a relationship that conveys a deep love and commitment to them.

This is a great checklist to see how we are doing in relationships with children in our life. Maybe you are aware of a child who is not getting these needs met. Challenge yourself to connect with them and relate with them. It can be life-changing!

Maybe you aren’t sure of where to start. The You Zoo book is a great tool to understanding a child. Whether the child is your own or a niece, nephew, grandchild or neighbor child…this book can help you gain new understanding and insights into their world. You may benefit from this tool or you may know someone who can benefit from this resource. Feel free to visit for more information.


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