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You Might Be A Phlegmatic Parent If…

With all this talk about personalities, it can leave you wondering…”What am I?” Well, that might be easy to figure out, and then again, it might be like trying to solve a mystery. There are four basic personality types. People are usually a combination of two personalities, but there are also times when people present as one strong personality type instead. The four personalities are the Playful Sanguine, Powerful Choleric, Proper Melancholic, and the Peaceful Phlegmatic. A personality assessment might help you discover what personality you are. But until then, have a little fun with this. If you read this list and think…”Oh my gosh, that sounds just like me! In fact, I even…” You are probably a Playful Sanguine. If you read this list and feel utterly annoyed at the senseless and seemingly “lazy” ways, you are most likely the opposite of a Phlegmatic, a Powerful Choleric. If you feel the need to organize this pathetic soul, you just might be the Proper Melancholic. And if you calmly admit, “yep, that’s me…” You are most likely the Peaceful Phlegmatic. Kick back, enjoy, and laugh just a little…unless of course you are not phlegmatic. Then just hold tight and check back periodically to see if your personality gets a lighthearted list on your approach to life!

You just might be a Peaceful Phlegmatic if:

  • You flick that little piece of trash behind the couch, because the walk to the trash can feels too far away.
  • You slip your shoes on without untying them to avoid bending over.
  • You motivate yourself to get chores done by promising yourself a nap or couch time after each task.
  • You fix your hair today to last two days.
  • You only add condiments to your food if they are already on the counter and ready to be applied.
  • Wearing your pajamas all day is just another way to decrease your laundry load.
  • You’ve debated putting your kids to bed in the next day’s outfit to feel one step ahead of the game (and lessen your laundry road as well)!
  • You sleep in your make-up and wake up wearing yesterday’s face. 🙂
  • You see no problem eating on paper plates to avoid the extra load of dishes.
  • Your dresser drawers will barely open because you have them crammed full of unfolded items.
  • Your kids ask you where you are going because you get up and get dressed!
  • You seem to lose track of things, however your remote is usually not far away.
  • You have an overwhelming to-do list, so you decide to go take a nap.

No, you don’t have to do all these things to be a Peaceful Phlegmatic! This is just a fun look at the personality differences. What you find, is that certain personalities have no problem admitting to things that other personalities would cringe at! This is just meant to make you think. What do you do and why do you do it?! It might be worth considering!


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