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Don’t Parent Alone!

It takes a village to raise a child.


Indeed, that becomes obvious from the moment you get that tiny baby home from the hospital. You realize their utter dependence on you to keep them alive, and you know you will have to ask others for their help, advice, and support! The older your little one gets, the more apparent that statement becomes. You also learn over the course of years, that you could drive yourself nuts with all the unsolicited advice and conflicting approaches, or you could gather all the information you can and then glean what is most appropriate and useful for your family.

The information I learned about personalities is one of the most useful tools I’ve used in parenting six kids. There were times I would have thought I was losing my mind, if I didn’t understand the different personalities and their unique perspectives on life. I quickly learned that what worked with one child didn’t necessarily work with another. And when I thought I had things figured out, one would always throw me for a loop. Understanding how to approach each child with communication and discipline that was tailored to each child’s personality was the most effective tool I discovered. This blog is intended to be a companion resource to The You Zoo book. Here I will offer information, encouragement, and practical tools to make your parenting journey more fun, more productive, and more effective.

There will be times this blog shares stories, there will be times this blog shares information, but mostly this blog will share the understanding that parenting can be a reward, yet challenging task. This is where you can get some new insight, perspective, and tools! If you have specific questions that you would like addressed in a future blog, please feel free to send them to Jami at

Visit for more information about the book The You Zoo, that will be referred to periodically in this blog.


Ready, Set Launch!

you zoo cover from website


The time has finally arrived for the official launch of The You Zoo book! After many years of hoping and dreaming, after many years of writing and reading…it’s now available to you! I speak for many parent groups, and I often have them visit the book table afterwards and say, “I’d like the book that includes all you just said!” Well, now I can finally share this book!

What does this book offer:

  • an interactive children’s personality assessment
  • a parent observation profile
  • an adult personality profile
  • detailed descriptions of each personality
  • tips on communicating and training each personality
  • ideas on how different parent-child personality combinations may interact
  • practical parenting tips specific for each personality
  • a fresh and effective parenting approach
  • unimaginable help and encouragement as you learn to relate to your child in a whole new way!

There are many avenues to The You Zoo. Feel free to visit Here you can read more about the book, learn about the authors, and purchase the book. You can choose to buy the book via PayPal, an link or Barnes and Noble link. You might also enjoy visiting the social network pages on Facebook as well. Search The You Zoo on Facebook and you will find the companion parenting resource that will generate conversation and thought about the personalities. Here, parenting tips will be offered as random bits of insight, encouragement, and fun. If you search for The You Zoo Book, you will find some basic information about the book. Visit any of these sites and pages for more information or feel free to contact author, Jami Kirkbride at with your questions.

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