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The You Zoo Book…A Must-Have For Your Parenting Library

you zoo cover from website

The You Zoo is a children’s personality assessment and so much more. It is a parenting resource to help encourage and equip parents as they learn to understand their child in a unique and effective way. This book includes the children’s story and assessment, an adult profile, a parent observation profile, personality information pages, parenting tips specific to each personality and combination of parent/child personalities, and a frequently asked questions section as well.These may be just the tools you have been searching to find! For more information, please visit,

This blog is a companion to The You Zoo book. It will share the basics about personality and then provide some practical tools for use everyday. Many times parents ask specific questions about situations they may encounter with their child, some of these questions and answers will be shared here in this forum. If you have any questions, please feel free to send me an email at


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